My cat is a washer & dryer delivery driver

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Have you ever had such a bizarre dream, but one that is so cool and out there that it becomes a long-standing joke? Our household has that joke. I wish I could claim the dream as mine, but this gem came straight from my husband’s subconscious.

In his dream, our hot mess of a cat Little Girl (who you might remember from my last post about her) was a washer and dryer delivery kitty. Yes, she had a day job. Not only that, but she had her own company pickup truck to do her job. She got right in the truck, drove around, and installed washers and dryers to people in town.

little girl

When Cal told me about this dream, I instantly thought it was the best thing I had ever heard. Sometimes when one of our cars is out for a repair, I’ll suggest we ask Little Girl if we can borrow her truck. Or if we’re feeling lazy, we’ll tell her to go do errands for us … since she has a pickup and all. As long as her employer doesn’t find out.

We later came up with jobs for all of our pets because that’s how cool we are we have nothing better to do with our lives.

Captain works at the National Weather Service as a weathercat. It made sense since he’s always looking out the window, so obviously we assumed he’s watching for storm clouds or weather patterns. Now every time we see him gazing outside, we say to him, “Clocking in for duty today? Well, have fun at work!”newspaper cat

Fun fact: Captain did sort of have a job for awhile. At my student newspaper in college, I volunteered him as the paper’s mascot, so I took photos of him in various poses wearing our paper, which we turned into ads that ran in it. He also frequently came to the office with me and hung out with all the editors while we worked on each week’s issue. True story.

Brick works at Burger King as a fry cook/burger flipper. I’m really not sure where this originated, but I think we may have been eating burgers one day and he seemed especially intrigued about it, so we had to assume he was trying to learn more about his minimum wage trade. Also, Little Girl often has to bring him to work in her pickup since he can’t afford his own vehicle on those BK wages.


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