Ten favorite things about the holidays

Welcome to December, eh?! Here in Fargo, we have a storm on the way. The HIGH in a couple days is 8 below. Sigh. The less than ideal weather here aside, the holidays are pretty awesome. So, here’s my 10 favie things about the holidays. Part of Brianna from Endlessly Beloved‘s linkup!

Endlessly BeLoved

1-The food. Always. Specifically, my pumpkin cheesecake recipe, courtesy of Miss. Paula Deen.

2-The lights. Come on, Christmas lights just make you so happy.

3-Decorations. I love making my home look festive, from stockings on the wall till we have a proper mantel, and cute little figurines. One of these days I hope to get a nice Nativity set to display. For now, my cute little glittery snowman from Pier 1 will do.

4-Spending more time with family and friends!

5-Presents. I actually love the list making process every year, writing down everyone I need and want to buy gifts for, and what I plan to get them, then, going out and finding something for everyone. It makes me feel so fulfilled.

6-Receiving some prezzies too. Unwrapping a mystery is so fun!

7-Costumes for the pets. Captain has a reindeer antler hat, and Little Girl has a Santa beard. Better bring those out soon and take some pics, eh?

8-Holidays parties and treat sharing at work!

9-Doing all of the above things now as a wife! Wheee!

10-Sharing all my holiday related experiences on my new bloggy!


My First Married Thanksgiving

Well, we made it through our first big holiday together as a married couple! It was a good day. We didn’t spend it with family since mine is so far away, and his is closer, but was still too far to make a one-day trip since I work tomorrow. We had what one of our friends called a “Friendsgiving!”

Some of Cal’s bandmates and friends came over, so I cooked for a bunch of boys. Which made me feel useful. I like hosting people and cooking for an army even if only a small handful come. We had turkey meatballs (because a real turkey was just too daunting), a ham, green bean casserole (made with my mom’s home-grown and canned green beans–you just can’t beat ’em), creamed corn, stuffing, my famous deviled eggs, rolls, and pumpkin cheesecake, which is my favorite Paula Deen recipe that I make every year, regardless where we are. And hot apple cider. Yum.

Even though it was a bunch of boys who I know don’t care about appearance, I still felt a little inadequate and insecure about our home. I just always had this vision that once I was married, I’d be in this nice house with nice stuff. And while we served the meal on our nice new plates and silverware from the wedding, we still sat at the family hand-me-down table from my grandma with chairs with nicks, broken backs and varnish coming off. The tablecloth was wrinkly, and the runner didn’t match. The small things like that sometimes make me feel like I’m not a proper wife. I know the important thing was that we spent it with good people over good food, but I long for the day when we can host a holiday in a nice big dining room with pretty chairs and matching table accessories, then sit in the family room with a fire going. That’s my dream.

I know it’s OK we don’t have that right now. We will some day. So for now, I am thankful we had friends to spend the day with, that we had a great meal, and have a roof over our heads in the first place. After we ate, the boys watched football and I dozed off in the recliner. Then realized I should be productive in the rest of my day and got up to do some writing, pack my lunch of leftovers for tomorrow, and call my mom.

What did you do for Thanksgiving?