Nieces, Anniversary and Pee, Oh My!

Well, the title of this post pretty much sums up this last weekend. My in-laws came to town on Friday night, and while the oldest niece, her friend and her mom went to the Justin Timberlake concert, Cal and I got to babysit their three youngest girls, aka my official nieces now! Since the concert was going to go really late, past the girls’ bedtime, they also slept over.

We were actually pretty excited for this. We haven’t spent much, if any, time with the girls outside of going to their house when we go back to his hometown to visit. So to have them on our turf this time was going to be fun! I was a little concerned that our smallish apartment wouldn’t be large enough for three young girls, not to mention our three pets and us, to be in, especially if they wanted to run around and play. Well turns out the girls were absolute angels on their visit, but it was our pets who were too rambunctious!

Friday night started out well enough. Cal cooked them dinner, their favorite meal, tater tot hot dish, and they made fun of him for squirting ketchup all over his portion. After dinner, we watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Laci, the youngest, didn’t want to sit alone, so she snuggled up with me on the recliner. The two other girls shared the couch with Cal…and then Brick jumped up…and then Little Girl. It would be an understatement to say that the pets loved the girls.

blog babystiting nieces over the weekend

movie time with the glowy-eyed puppy

Then when it was bedtime, we discovered that an unknown culprit had peed all over the air mattress and blankets we had set up for them. Thankfully we had a sleeping bag and extra blankets to make do for the night.

Come morning, after Cal fed the pets, Little Girl puked right next to the girls. Which is actually nothing new. She often eats way too fast then runs around and heaves up her breakfast. Cat never learns. Then after our big breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes, Brick started peeing on the floor right by the couch! I tried to make him stop, but how do you really do that, so I just dragged him into the kitchen so the pee would at least be easier to clean up there. He peed the whole way I dragged him over. And kept going. It didn’t stop! The girls thought it was the funniest thing. And actually it kind of was. Brick never pees in the house, so I think he must have just been so excited that he simply couldn’t hold it in. This leads us to believe he was the mattress culprit too.

Despite the massive amounts of pee from the dog we had to deal with, we really had a nice time. I really enjoyed spending time with my nieces. Oh, and Laci whispered that she loved me at one point. It was so cute. Love those girls.

Feb. 9 is our dating anniversary. I know it doesn’t matter much anymore, but I want to keep celebrating it for just a little longer. It’s been nine years since we’ve been together! Which has been long enough to feel like Feb. 9 is special now. I think at least till we hit that 10-year mark anyway. Plus it’s so close to V-day that we just kind of wrap them together. Anyway, we had plans to go out for dinner on Sunday, but we both had our presents ready for each other on Saturday, and we couldn’t wait, so we exchanged gifts a little early. I got him a Datevitation book, so he can redeem coupons I made just for him, such as a Matt Damon (his favorite actor) movie night whenever he wants.

He got me flowers in a pretty pink vase. We went years of dating and I never got flowers till finally he realized I like receiving them, so it seems extra special now when I get them. Plus, what might be the coolest thing he’s ever gotten me, I also received a necklace with a little bottle on the end just like the “drink me” bottle from Alice in Wonderland, and I totally love it.

flowers for anniversary on blog

On Sunday we went to Red Lobster for our anniversary dinner since we had $85 in gift cards there. So naturally we ordered two apps, several alcoholic beverages, big entrees and a dessert and ate it all for free. The best way to eat! We waddled back home and watched Insidious 2. Fun fact: I absolutely love horror movies. They scare the crap out of me, and I often can’t sleep after watching them, but it never stops me. I can’t get enough. It was pretty good! I told Cal to please never let himself become posessed, that would be great. Then to end the night on a non-scary note, we finished with Free Birds.

It was pretty much an awesome weekend.