J’Adore Voxbox Reveal + Other Freebies

You know some days when you get the mail and it’s just full of crap – bills, credit card offers, fliers about the apocalypse, etc. The other day though, when I got my mail, it was full of awesomeness. I got my Voxbox, Birchbox and my freebie coffee sleeve all in the same day! Win!

Let’s start with Birchbox because Little Girl made an appearance in the photo.

february birchbox

My February Birchbox featured two teas, a nail polish top coat, eye cream and shampoo and conditioner. I really am not a fan of tea at all, but I tried one of the two varieties for the sake of reviewing them (the other went to my tea-loving friend). I tried the vanilla and grapefruit, and it actually wasn’t bad! For a tea anyway, it’s the best I probably have ever tried. The SOS eye cream was … OK. I’m not sure it really did much or is any better than my regular face cream I use already. Meh. I keep forgetting to try the nail polish so can’t review that. My favorite is definitely the shampoo and conditioner. It’s a really nice size sample, and it smells AMAZING. Plus, it has no parabens, so I feel better about using it. I like how it made my hair feel and smell and I would totally use it again.

This next item I got for free in a blog giveaway from Kari at Life by Kari.

dress up your cup coffee sleeve

Kari has her own Etsy shop, Dress Up Your Cup, where she makes her own coffee sleeves, often with cute designs, embellishments or charms. I ordered four total with my winnings – three as gifts (so I can’t show you them so they can remain a surprise to the recipients!) and one for me. I think it’s super cute and I love it. She was even kind enough to include a nice little note, business cards and coupons for future orders.

On to Voxbox! So for those that don’t know, a Voxbox is a box of free goodies from Influenster for testing and review purposes. You earn boxes by signing up at Influenster and taking quizzes, reviewing products and earning badges. I had only been a member for about a month before I earned my first box, so I’m proof that it’s easy and awesome. I had seen some other bloggers do this before but never really believed them when they talked about how easy it is. They weren’t lying! It really was easy! I definitely recommend all of you sign up because it takes very little time to start earning free stuff. I can send you an invite if you let me know! So, on to my first box: The J’Adore VoxBox.

jadore voxbox influenster

I knew from checking the shipping confirmation that I’d be receiving some Hershey’s Kisses, but I figured it’d be a few in a small bag. Nope, I got a big ol’ bag! I was so surprised, and my husband was stoked to have a bunch of free chocolate. I let him have about a quarter of the bag, then I brought the rest in to work to share because I’m just not a big fan of chocolate in the first place. No offense, chocolate.

voxbox kisses

Next, a clay mask mask. I had high hopes for this guy, but was a little disappointed. First of all, when I opened it, I was taken aback by how liquidy and runny it was. Maybe shipping in the extreme cold ruined it, but if all are like this, that’s really too bad. A clay mask should NOT be super runny. Anyway, after accidentally spilling half of it into my sink because it just poured out as I tried to squeeze some in my hands, I applied it to half my face to give it a real test. It did go on fairly nicely and hardened up as it should. After I rinsed it off, my face did feel pretty nice, though awfully tight (more so than I think it should have been), but I could tell a difference in my skin being softer on the side that got the mask. So, at least it worked! Can’t say it lasted though, but with regular use maybe.

voxbox mask

We’ve all probably seen or used Frizz Ease before, but I never had because my hair is pretty straight to begin with. I used it anyway hoping it’d help with flyaways and provide some heat protection, and I think it did a little bit, but not with enough difference to make me buy more of it.

voxbox frizz ease

I also got some more teas, and I honestly didn’t try any because none sounded good and I really don’t like tea anyway so it in no way appealed to me. Sorry, tea. It was donated again to aforementioned tea-loving friend.

voxbox tea

Last, some false eyelashes. I haven’t used these yet, because I only wear falsies on special occasions, so I’ll give them a whirl at some upcoming wedding events this summer. They do feel nice though, so hopefully they look good too.

voxbox lashes

This is not a sponsored post, but I did I receive all the Voxbox products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


How I’m Digging Myself Out of Debt (with Actual Numbers)!

credit card debt how to pay offI’ve talked on this blog before about how I made some really bad financial decisions, especially related to my wedding. I had no self control. If I saw something and liked it, I threw it on plastic, never once paying attention to my balance, interest rate or fees. Then one day as I was paying bills, I realized that even though I’ve been paying the minimum payment every month on my cards, the total balance was still going up on some. That’s when I looked at the terms of my credit cards and realized how bad my situation was. It was worse than I ever thought it would be, and it was out of complete carelessness. I realized that if I was ever going to afford a house or a child, I had to make big changes quick. I decided to get my act together, tackle my debt, make a budget a financial plan to try and right my wrongs and get back on track.

I’m going to be very honest and open with my financial situation here. I know a lot of people are scared to reveal actual numbers, and I am too, but for the sake of being open and maybe possibly helping someone else, I’ll let it all out. Numbers and all. It’s incredibly embarassing to admit for me, and please don’t judge. Here we go.

The Problem

I had a total of 11 credit cards. ELEVEN. At the height of it all, one month after my wedding, I carried around approximately $8,500 in total credit card debt. (Plus some more lost money in overdraft fees from my always-low checking account.) It was a lot for me.

It started out innocently enough. My senior year of high school I signed up for my first credit card at Express as a way of building some credit in the first place. I barely used it that first year at all. Then I got one at Victoria’s Secret in college because I worked there. I did pretty good with these two cards at first. But then it got out of control fast. I saw how easy it was to manage these two so I thought surely I could get some more and it’d be no biggie. I was lured into nearly all of them by sales associates talking me into the sign-up savings. How could I NOT save an extra 15% on those new pants at Macy’s?! There was no harm, right? Wrong. I said yes way too many times to that sales pitch at the register.

It only got worse. For a work trip at my former job, my checking account balance was super low and I knew I wouldn’t be able to even afford to buy meals for the week. At that job, we got reimbursed for expenses after the trip, so I had to find a way of funding my expenses upfront. Signed up for a new credit card before the trip and used it frequently. Got home and decided I wanted a new laptop so bought one with that same card. Then around wedding time, I was again lured into saving on our wedding bands, my dress, the groosmen’s tuxes AND our honeymoon flight by getting even more new cards. Oh yeah, and the entire time I was also eating out frequently, ordering delivery, getting fast food and shopping far too much. All on my cards.

The reality is, I saved nothing. I lost a lot. I never asked the credit card terms before signing up and got hit with loads of finance charges, high interest rates and who knows what else. Knowing that all that money could have gone toward my house savings infuriated me. I hated myself for being so irresponsible. But wallowing doesn’t fix anything so I had to get serious.

The Solution

First I called my mom and confessed the trouble I got myself in. She agreed to “allow” me to dip into the savings account she had set up for me as an emergency/house fund to start chipping away at the debt. But to figure out which card needed paying off the most, I had to make a list (yay lists!). My first step was to make a spreadsheet detailing all my cards, interest rate, total balance, available credit and any yearly fees or other terms worth keeping in mind. I took $800 out of my house fund to pay off one card entirely – Zales, which had the highest interest rate of them all (28.99%! *cringe*).

Then for awhile after, I just paid a little more than the minimum due on all my cards. It was something, but it wasn’t enough. Enter Amberly. I found her Money & Marriage series and was intrigued. She introduced me to Dave Ramsey, and that very day I instituted his debt snowball. Slowly I started getting those balances down but only was able to close a couple cards that had small balances to begin with. I did feel victories with each, but I was egaer to knock the big ones out.

…and then my tax return came. Hallelujah! I got the biggest return I ever have thanks to filing as married for the first time. Together, Cal and I got $2,850, and we decided to split it in half. I applied every cent of that return to my credit cards (and his all went to his own student loan debt, which is another story in itself). With that, I was able to pay off two more cards entirely and half the balance of the card with the biggest total balance and next highest interest rate. This was the biggest win I have felt yet, and it feels so good.

I now only have four cards with balances, and with the money I’m saving from no more payments on those other cards, I can chip away at these four much more quickly. I also put a freeze on my remaining cards. I only actually carry one card with me to use in absolute emergency (which I did have to once when my car died on the side of the road and I simply didn’t have enough money in my checking at the time to cover the repairs). Otherwise, if I don’t have enough money in my checking or it’s not budgeted for, I don’t buy it. With continued hard work, I think and hope I can knock these last four out by the end of this year.

I also took some other small steps to cut back on spending itself. I started meal planning, which is saving me so much on eating out, buying groceries and wasting food. I coupon more. I took freelance jobs to have more money coming in. And in general, I try to live on less. That sometimes translates to saying no to fun things you otherwise would have said yes to. I declined concerts with friends, eating out, going for drinks and traveling to places that would require spending too much. And now when I do go out, you can bet it’s with a coupon or to catch a happy hour special. To go along with the new me, I wanted to do a good big clean up at our apartment, and I purged tons of items and donated them. Less stuff = less clutter = less stress = less spending.

I also knew it was important to get my savings account built up again, so I changed my direct deposit at work to send $20 every month straight into it, and I have vowed to not touch it again, pending disaster, emergency or when we’re ready to use it to buy a house. It’s not a big contribution, but it’s better than nothing. I should also note that I compared just about every bank in my town and picked out the one savings account at the one credit union that would yield the most interest earned and lowest (read: no) fees. Seeing that savings number very slowly go up again gives me even more confidence. Little steps lead to big changes, I’m telling you.

Not gonna lie. Getting your finances back on track is TOUGH. I’ve slipped a few times, but I try to make up for it and am far more aware of it now. Getting closer to my end goal of being debt free with a nice savings and owning a home is so worth it.

I’ve seen a lot improvement already. Freeing up paying so many cards has given me more money to work with paying off the ones that are left. In turn, my credit score is going back up and my credit utilizaton rate (or total balance versus available credit) is pretty darn good too.

I should note as well that I’m purposely keeping all my paid off cards open a little longer. I’m saying no to temptation to use them by stashing them in my nightstand and never carrying them with me. But to keep that credit utilization low, I need that total credit to be high as my balances get lower. This gives me a better overall credit score and will work in my favor when we do apply for a home loan. As soon as we’re to that point and the loan has gone though, I plan to close at least half of my cards.

What I’ve also learned is that now that I’ve changed my bad behaviors, there are benefits to keeping just a few cards. I plan to keep Victoria’s Secret and Express simply for the discounts and rewards from each store, but will always pay off all balances immediately. These two cards were never a problem for me in the first place, so it makes sense to keep them. I’m also keeping Tires Plus because the card has good terms and is peace of mind in case one of our cars needs a repair more costly than we can afford in our checking. I’ll be keeping my Wells Fargo visa as the general emergency card because it has the lowest interest rate of them all (9%! what what!). I’m on the fence about keeping my Target card though. I like that I get 5% off using it, but it’s been the card that I’ve got in the most trouble with, and the interest rate and fees are higher than I’d like. I may keep it for awhile and see if I can keep self control having it but stick to paying it off right away.

This all being said, my last point is that just because I’m on a budget and am trying hard to pay off debt, doesn’t mean I allow myself no fun. You have to make some exceptions now and then, or else you become so upset with all work and no play that you self sabotage. Like I mentioned, I still go out occasionally, but when I do, it’s with coupons or for happy hour deals, or I try to find free things to do with friends instead. I say yes to far fewer concerts than I once did, but I make exceptions for events that I absolutely love. An Alice in Wonderland ballet will be happening here in April and I splurged on tickets to see that because I know I will love it.

I also prioritized my other expenses outside of credit cards to find other places to cut back. I rate shopped for car insurance to make sure I was getting the best deal for the best coverage (and I am. Progressive FTW!). I’m going to cut out the DVD plan on our Netflix and only have streaming. We got rid of our garage at our apartment to save $30 a month on renting that. I only pay for one fecal test at the vet now (instead of two because if one has worms the other will too! durr.). One thing that’s super important to me though is TV. I pay a lot for DirecTV every month, but it’s an expense I find worth it. I LOVE my TV, and while I could live without it or with a cheaper plan, right now it’s simply not something I’m willing to give up. #Sorrynotsorry.

Tips for You: My Takeaway

-Check out Dave Ramsey’s resources. His “seven baby steps to financial peace” helped inspire me a lot and start my financial plan, including the debt snowball.

-Comparison shop for banks and make sure you’re at the instituation where you can get the highest interest and lowest fees. Also shop for new car insurance, TV or Internet service, etc., to make sure you’re getting the best deal you can.

-Make a list and evaluate all of your monthly expenses and see where you can cut back. Try using Mint.com to track everything and help you budget.

-Find ways to earn extra income and put that toward either savings or paying off your debts. Take on freelance work, find a side job, sell some clothes, offer to clean your friends’ houses, babysit or mow lawns for a small fee, or if you’re crafty, set up a shop on Etsy. I firmly believe there’s always something you can do to make some money; you just might need to get creative.

-Make other lifestyle changes for an even bigger impact, including couponing, watching sales and specials, budgeting, meal planning, savings contributions, even the envelope system if you think that’s right for you.

-Give yourself goals and challenges to make sure you stay on track and build in accountability. I also like giving yourself rewards when you do well and discipline when I mess up.

-Don’t get too rigid or strict about it. Allow yourself to still have some fun!

Do you struggle with debt too? What tips do you have?

I want to garden

I do not have a green thumb. Two summers ago when I tried to keep a catnip plant alive, it died a gruesome death. When I was a child and my mom asked me to help her weed our family garden, I wanted to do anything but that.

But recently, something changed. I got into meal planning and cooking more. I grew more concerned with eating healthier and making better food choices. I tried new things, I bought more organic. And I feel a responsiblity to keep all of that up!

I really like the idea of being a little more self sustainable. No, I’m not gonna go all hippie farmer pioneer lady, but having some of the items I regularly buy anyway at the grocery be from my own garden sounds so good. No pesticides, no whatever else is on the stuff I buy at the store, plus hey, I’ll probably save some money.

I think having a garden is another one of those things I relate to being a grown up. I love trying new things that make me feel like a wife, and maybe possibly a mom sometime. Heck, I never once flipped over to HGTV until I was married! And I kind of love it. My husband even seems excited by the idea!

With that being said, I need some help. I have no idea what to do or where to start. Disclaimer: We still live in an apartment, so any gardening would need to be out of planters/pots/trays/tubs on our patio. I know tomatoes are easy to grow, but neither of us like them and have no interest in ever having one in our house. So that aside, what are some of the easiest plants to grow? So far I’ve heard cucumbers, leaf lettuce and peppers. I would LOVE to have some asparagus and carrots too, though word on the street is they’re harder. What are some successes you’ve had, readers? What other tips can you give? Where do I start? What do I buy at the store? How often do I water? How long will it take to have actual food?

I may fail miserably at this, but it’s something I’m really excited to try.

Bigs & Littles Reveal

I participated in my very first Bigs & Littles recently. For those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s an experience where you get paired up (one “big”/successful blogger with one smaller/newer blogger) to share tips and advice, encouragement and friendship. I was obviously a Little, and my Big was Cortney from The Little Things & Vodka.

The Little Things and Vodka

I’m super glad I signed up for this experience. Just like a real little sister, right away, I started pestering her right away with questions. “Hello, nice to meet you! Let me ask you a million things!” She took in stride and answered everything I asked just like a good big blog sister.

She gave me advice on some blog issues/struggles/concerns I was having, and it really helped me decide how to approach some situations. We also swapped buttons (there she is on my sidebar! go visit her!), and we had good conversation getting to know eachother too. She took a blog hiatus for awhile, so was just getting back in the swing of things when this exchange started, and I think it was super cool to be there for that. She’s also getting interested in doing blog design so I hope to give her some more practice for me soon since I can’t design to save my life.

I think the Bigs & Littles is such a wonderful experience. It’s enriching, encouraging and fun. I absolutely recommend it, especially for newbies, but really for anyone. Who doesn’t need a little encouragement and a new friend?!

While, sadly, the host of Bigs & Littles is taking a break from it for now, hopefully it will be back soon, and it sounds like it will be. So watch www.southernbeautyguide.com for future sign ups if you’d like to be involved!

My Favorite Things About Home

Linking up with Brianna today for her 10 Favorite Things linkup!

Today’s prompt is your 10 favorite things about home–whatever place you consider home. I’ve been a Fargoan for close to 10 years now, but I lived in Indiana for 18 years before that, and since it’s where I grew up and my old stomping grounds, it’s truly where I consider “home.” Plus I love being nostalgic. So here’s my favorite things about good ol’ South Bend area, Indiana. #HoosiersRepresent

1. My friends there! All of my best friends from high school still live in the area, so every time we come home we just have a ball catching up and telling old stories and inside jokes. (And if any of you are reading this: “Katie wash hand.”)

indiana 4H

With some of my 4-H friends for my last 4-H parade during my senior year.

2. My family there. My parents still live in the house I grew up in which is probably what makes it still feel like home to me. I love going back to visit and be in the house I have so many memories in.

3. Hacienda. The greatest fake Mexican restaurant ever. Not even kidding, I LOVE me some Hacienda. Every single time I come home I make it a point to go there. Every. single. time. It’s also the spot where many of my birthday parties were held as a teenager because you got a free sombrero. I wish I could find one of the photos from there to share with ya’ll, but sadly I think it’s at my parent’s house.

4. South Bend Chocolate Factory. We have some of the best chocolates! I even used some as favors for my wedding. They also have a store downtown that sells ice cream, has a fireplace and a chocolate fountain. Another place I love to go.

5. The walk along the river. The St. Joe River runs right through South Bend, and in the downtoan area they have a lovely boardwalk, trails and a gazebo along it. Great place to take a stroll, and it’s where we took pictures for my junior prom!

6. Being so close to so many other places. There’s a reason they call Indiana the crossroads of America! We’re super close to Chicago, Michigan, Ohio. I took tons of road trips to Indy and Merrilville with my best friend for shopping with her mom and had so much fun.

mexico indiana

On a road trip to IU to see a friend, we stopped in Mexico, Indiana, because it was funny.

7. The now-defunct Scottsdale mall. It was this rinky dink local mall with random stores, but it was the coolest place to hang out. I spent tons of time there with my friends in high school. And then while I was in college, they demolished it and turned it into an outdoor strip mall. Sad.

8. How crazy the town gets for Notre Dame games. I’m really not into sports at all, but being so close to such a big team and seeing the town get so into it is pretty cool.

9. Corn. Indiana is the land of corn. Forget Iowa. Cornfields are everywhere, especially out in the country where our house was. I played in them growing up with friends. It was never creepy at all … until I saw Children of the Corn. Oops. Also side note, speaking of movies related to Indiana, my computer science teacher from high school was totally in the movie Rudy.

10. It’s where I grew up. There’s something a little bit magical about anywhere you spent your childhood, I think. That alone makes it special to me.

Weekend Reads with Paige

Hey guys, I’m co-hosting with Paige today for her weekend reads post! Here she is!

Weekend Reads

Hello! Welcome to Weekend Reads!

If you’ve never been here before, don’t worry, all the rules are below. Dos Equis and I are so glad you are here!

Weekend Reads

Basically, I started Weekend Reads because I felt like everyone disappeared over the weekend. It makes sense, because everyone is off work and able to get out and have some fun, but I love early mornings, cuddling with my puppy and reading some great blog posts.

That’s what this link up is about. I want it to be a place that only the best of the best posts are linked up, so be sure to bring your all!

We’re going to be doing this link up every two weeks (or so) and always on a Friday but here are the next few dates for you to mark down:

  • March 14th
  • March 28th

If you’d like to cohost for either one of those dates, email paige@adoseofpaige.com I’d love to have you!

Each time we get together, I share the TOP THREE posts from the previous link up, so be sure to tell your friends to get over here, link up their own posts and click their favorites! Here they are!

(Click the image/links below to view the posts and link up your blog. Sorry that WordPress can’t properly display them as they should!)

Sephora Gift Card Giveaway

I’m super stoked to be participating in my very first blog giveaway! I’ve teamed up with Brooklyn from A Little Too Jolley and some other lovely ladies to giveaway a gift card to Sephora! Because who doesn’t want free stuff from there?! Enter to win below!

(I can’t get the widget to display, so for now, just click on the Rafflecopter link below, or just enter on Brooklyn’s page. Sorry!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What would you buy at Sephora if you win?

Good luck!

The Celebrity I Most Want to Have Lunch With Is …

Linking up with The Albrechts and A Beautiful Exchange today for The Girl Between the Lines!

The question is: If you could have lunch with any blogger, celebrity, or public figure, who would you choose? Why?

My answer is: The Mowry sisters!

If you know me well, you know I’m a little obsessed with these girls. Sister Sister was great in itself, but these girls just keep getting better and I stalk admire them SO much. I absolutely loved their reality show Tia & Tamera, and when I watch it, I feel like I’m hanging out with my girlfriends. They make me laugh and cry and smile. They make me so happy.

I relate more to Tamera personally, but I adore them both. I watch every darn TV show and made-for-TV movie I can catch them on and always love every minute of it.

My love for these girls goes beyond a creepy celeb obsession or girl crush though. I TRULY admire them as women. They have so many qualities I think are so important. They’re great moms (as I mentioned in my post here). They’re stylish. They’re classy. They’re funny. They’re goofy. They’re professional. They’re relatable. They’re kind. They’re the kind of role models in Hollywood we don’t see much of anymore.

So yes, without a doubt, I’d lunch with them if I had the chance to of all celebs or public figures. Just don’t make me choose which twin.

Girl Between the Lines Link up
P.S. I’m featured on Amberly’s blog today! Go over and check it out! Also I’d love it if you’d hop over to Charlene’s blog and see my guest post on being a compassionate spouse!

Refrigerator Oatmeal: A Recipe!

If it weren’t for Katie at A Beautiful Little Adventure, I still would have no clue about refrigerator oatmeal. But thankfully I saw her post about it, followed by a Pinterest and Google search and was amazed by this fantastic breakfast. Apparantly it’s been a “thing” for quite awhile, but once again I’m late to the party. Oh well. I HAD to give it a try.

We love oatmeal in our house, but we are also incredibly lazy, especially in the morning. I’m lucky if I even have time to open the cupboard to grab a granola bar on the way out, let alone make a real breakfast. So I’m always looking for super easy and quick ways to have a better breakfast. Now that I work for a company that distributes health foods, I took it up a notch and ordered Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal and chia seeds as well instead of regular grocery store varieties that have more “crap” in them than they should. After you make the recipe, it “cooks” overnight in the fridge. So easy!

For my first go, I followed this recipe to the T, minus the maple syrup. The next time, I started experimenting and used less yogurt and more fruit and thought it was better. The next time, I cut out the yogurt entirely and used a ton of strawberries instead, and added a little sugar. Better still! Several rounds later, that’s the formula I stick with because it’s been the tastiest to me. I found that using yogurt gave it a nicer texture, but a bizarre flavor and feeling in my mouth, and I much prefer it without. Some recipes also called for flax seeds, but it seems to be that chia seeds are better for you AND keep longer, so that’s what I used.

I made some versions with blueberries, strawberries, bananas and apples and cinnamon. My favorites were blueberry and strawberry. The banana got a little mushy for my tastes. Here’s the recipe I’m using now:

Refrigerator Oatmeal

refrigerator oatmeal

  • 1/2 cup uncooked old fashioned rolled oats (not instant!)
  • 2/3 cup milk (ish. eventually I stopped measuring and poured enough in to cover the oats, and then some)
  • 1-2 teaspoons dried chia seeds
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup fresh fruit (depending on the ratio you like most. I like mine loaded with fruit)
  • 1 tablespoon or so of sugar it to sweeten it up more
  • 1/4 cup Greek yogurt (optional but not recommended by this gal)

-Pour your oats, chia seeds and sugar in a jar that can be closed (Mason jars or Magic Bullet jars work great).
-Pour milk on top of dry ingredients (and add your yogurt here too if you so choose). Close lid and shake it up.
-Add fruit on top and shake again or just stir it up.
-Refrigerate overnight and take and go in the morning!

overnight oats ingredients

dry ingredients for overnight oats

Add dry ingredients to jar

cut up fruit for oatmeal

cut up your desired fruit

apple banana oatmeal

add to jar

apple cinnamon oatmeal recipe

ready for fridge

shake it up and stick it in the fridge

There you have it! It’s literally so easy and yummy. I highly recommend for any oatmeal lovers that are also too busy/lazy in the mornings to prepare a proper meal. Bonus: It’s super healthy and very filling. I don’t even snack in between breakfast and lunch when I eat it!

It’s especially easy if you use blueberries or raspberries and don’t actually have to cut up any fruit! When you eat it at work (or school!) the next day, it tastes great cold or warmed up. I’ve made this several times a week for our breakfasts and plan to keep it in rotation. Even the husband liked it!

Eat Drink & Be Mary

The weird thing I did to feel like a grown-up

There’s a bunch of things you should do once you become a wife. I did a lot of the standard ones, but I also had a list of some bizarre things that I wanted to do to feel more like a wife and an adult and less of a cheap college kid. So finally, six years after my official cheap college kid status, I have crossed one of those off.

What is it? Buying real pajamas. No more ratty old T-shirts I got for a random volunteer project in high school or those Pink sweatpants that once were cool but now have multiple spilled cheese stains and don’t even look that good.

I also have to credit one of the cutest reality TV shows ever to encouraging this. When Bill and Jenn from The Little Couple were in the process of adopting their son, Bill decided he should also get some real pajamas so his son wouldn’t have to see dear old dad in his skivvies in the morning. Makes sense.

My mom always wore real pajamas too. Like pant and top sets from the actual sleepwear section of stores. Of course in high school I thought that was weird and wore my Soffee shorts and said ratty (albeit less so then) T-shirts.

I must admit that sometimes I don’t wear much to bed now. I’m like an old lady these days and get hot flashes at night, so I just wear a bandeau bra and underpants to stay cooler (as in temperature, not trendy!). TMI? Sorry, blog world. I’m trying to keep it real here. Then I thought about what if there’s a fire at night and I don’t have time to put on real clothes before escaping? That’d be awful!

And so to Target I went. Thankfully I went at a time when Cartwheel had some coupons for pajamas, so I grabbed several items that were also on sale for a double shopping win. It was important to get things that let my skin breathe and were super comfortable, and I’m pretty happy with what I bought. I came away with the set pictured here, a warmer bird print flannel shirt for the winter months and this super cute pink chemise (whatever that is. I call it a dress).

pajamas from target

I don’t know why, but this silly little thing is a milestone I’m pretty proud of. Wearing real pajamas is just one of the weird things that makes me feel like an adult. That and meal planning, budgeting, talking about 401ks, saving for a house and thinking about kids too, but pajamas was an easy accomplishment.

Is that weird? I feel like it is. But who cares. I have new pajamas that I got on sale!