My cat is a washer & dryer delivery driver

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Have you ever had such a bizarre dream, but one that is so cool and out there that it becomes a long-standing joke? Our household has that joke. I wish I could claim the dream as mine, but this gem came straight from my husband’s subconscious.

In his dream, our hot mess of a cat Little Girl (who you might remember from my last post about her) was a washer and dryer delivery kitty. Yes, she had a day job. Not only that, but she had her own company pickup truck to do her job. She got right in the truck, drove around, and installed washers and dryers to people in town.

little girl

When Cal told me about this dream, I instantly thought it was the best thing I had ever heard. Sometimes when one of our cars is out for a repair, I’ll suggest we ask Little Girl if we can borrow her truck. Or if we’re feeling lazy, we’ll tell her to go do errands for us … since she has a pickup and all. As long as her employer doesn’t find out.

We later came up with jobs for all of our pets because that’s how cool we are we have nothing better to do with our lives.

Captain works at the National Weather Service as a weathercat. It made sense since he’s always looking out the window, so obviously we assumed he’s watching for storm clouds or weather patterns. Now every time we see him gazing outside, we say to him, “Clocking in for duty today? Well, have fun at work!”newspaper cat

Fun fact: Captain did sort of have a job for awhile. At my student newspaper in college, I volunteered him as the paper’s mascot, so I took photos of him in various poses wearing our paper, which we turned into ads that ran in it. He also frequently came to the office with me and hung out with all the editors while we worked on each week’s issue. True story.

Brick works at Burger King as a fry cook/burger flipper. I’m really not sure where this originated, but I think we may have been eating burgers one day and he seemed especially intrigued about it, so we had to assume he was trying to learn more about his minimum wage trade. Also, Little Girl often has to bring him to work in her pickup since he can’t afford his own vehicle on those BK wages.


Jade and Oak
P.S. I’m guest posting today for Katie over at A Worker at Home. Go check out my post and recipe for Crockpot Salsa Chicken!

Bigs & Littles Reveal

I participated in my very first Bigs & Littles recently. For those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s an experience where you get paired up (one “big”/successful blogger with one smaller/newer blogger) to share tips and advice, encouragement and friendship. I was obviously a Little, and my Big was Cortney from The Little Things & Vodka.

The Little Things and Vodka

I’m super glad I signed up for this experience. Just like a real little sister, right away, I started pestering her right away with questions. “Hello, nice to meet you! Let me ask you a million things!” She took in stride and answered everything I asked just like a good big blog sister.

She gave me advice on some blog issues/struggles/concerns I was having, and it really helped me decide how to approach some situations. We also swapped buttons (there she is on my sidebar! go visit her!), and we had good conversation getting to know eachother too. She took a blog hiatus for awhile, so was just getting back in the swing of things when this exchange started, and I think it was super cool to be there for that. She’s also getting interested in doing blog design so I hope to give her some more practice for me soon since I can’t design to save my life.

I think the Bigs & Littles is such a wonderful experience. It’s enriching, encouraging and fun. I absolutely recommend it, especially for newbies, but really for anyone. Who doesn’t need a little encouragement and a new friend?!

While, sadly, the host of Bigs & Littles is taking a break from it for now, hopefully it will be back soon, and it sounds like it will be. So watch for future sign ups if you’d like to be involved!

My Favorite Things About Home

Linking up with Brianna today for her 10 Favorite Things linkup!

Today’s prompt is your 10 favorite things about home–whatever place you consider home. I’ve been a Fargoan for close to 10 years now, but I lived in Indiana for 18 years before that, and since it’s where I grew up and my old stomping grounds, it’s truly where I consider “home.” Plus I love being nostalgic. So here’s my favorite things about good ol’ South Bend area, Indiana. #HoosiersRepresent

1. My friends there! All of my best friends from high school still live in the area, so every time we come home we just have a ball catching up and telling old stories and inside jokes. (And if any of you are reading this: “Katie wash hand.”)

indiana 4H

With some of my 4-H friends for my last 4-H parade during my senior year.

2. My family there. My parents still live in the house I grew up in which is probably what makes it still feel like home to me. I love going back to visit and be in the house I have so many memories in.

3. Hacienda. The greatest fake Mexican restaurant ever. Not even kidding, I LOVE me some Hacienda. Every single time I come home I make it a point to go there. Every. single. time. It’s also the spot where many of my birthday parties were held as a teenager because you got a free sombrero. I wish I could find one of the photos from there to share with ya’ll, but sadly I think it’s at my parent’s house.

4. South Bend Chocolate Factory. We have some of the best chocolates! I even used some as favors for my wedding. They also have a store downtown that sells ice cream, has a fireplace and a chocolate fountain. Another place I love to go.

5. The walk along the river. The St. Joe River runs right through South Bend, and in the downtoan area they have a lovely boardwalk, trails and a gazebo along it. Great place to take a stroll, and it’s where we took pictures for my junior prom!

6. Being so close to so many other places. There’s a reason they call Indiana the crossroads of America! We’re super close to Chicago, Michigan, Ohio. I took tons of road trips to Indy and Merrilville with my best friend for shopping with her mom and had so much fun.

mexico indiana

On a road trip to IU to see a friend, we stopped in Mexico, Indiana, because it was funny.

7. The now-defunct Scottsdale mall. It was this rinky dink local mall with random stores, but it was the coolest place to hang out. I spent tons of time there with my friends in high school. And then while I was in college, they demolished it and turned it into an outdoor strip mall. Sad.

8. How crazy the town gets for Notre Dame games. I’m really not into sports at all, but being so close to such a big team and seeing the town get so into it is pretty cool.

9. Corn. Indiana is the land of corn. Forget Iowa. Cornfields are everywhere, especially out in the country where our house was. I played in them growing up with friends. It was never creepy at all … until I saw Children of the Corn. Oops. Also side note, speaking of movies related to Indiana, my computer science teacher from high school was totally in the movie Rudy.

10. It’s where I grew up. There’s something a little bit magical about anywhere you spent your childhood, I think. That alone makes it special to me.

Weekend Reads with Paige

Hey guys, I’m co-hosting with Paige today for her weekend reads post! Here she is!

Weekend Reads

Hello! Welcome to Weekend Reads!

If you’ve never been here before, don’t worry, all the rules are below. Dos Equis and I are so glad you are here!

Weekend Reads

Basically, I started Weekend Reads because I felt like everyone disappeared over the weekend. It makes sense, because everyone is off work and able to get out and have some fun, but I love early mornings, cuddling with my puppy and reading some great blog posts.

That’s what this link up is about. I want it to be a place that only the best of the best posts are linked up, so be sure to bring your all!

We’re going to be doing this link up every two weeks (or so) and always on a Friday but here are the next few dates for you to mark down:

  • March 14th
  • March 28th

If you’d like to cohost for either one of those dates, email I’d love to have you!

Each time we get together, I share the TOP THREE posts from the previous link up, so be sure to tell your friends to get over here, link up their own posts and click their favorites! Here they are!

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The Celebrity I Most Want to Have Lunch With Is …

Linking up with The Albrechts and A Beautiful Exchange today for The Girl Between the Lines!

The question is: If you could have lunch with any blogger, celebrity, or public figure, who would you choose? Why?

My answer is: The Mowry sisters!

If you know me well, you know I’m a little obsessed with these girls. Sister Sister was great in itself, but these girls just keep getting better and I stalk admire them SO much. I absolutely loved their reality show Tia & Tamera, and when I watch it, I feel like I’m hanging out with my girlfriends. They make me laugh and cry and smile. They make me so happy.

I relate more to Tamera personally, but I adore them both. I watch every darn TV show and made-for-TV movie I can catch them on and always love every minute of it.

My love for these girls goes beyond a creepy celeb obsession or girl crush though. I TRULY admire them as women. They have so many qualities I think are so important. They’re great moms (as I mentioned in my post here). They’re stylish. They’re classy. They’re funny. They’re goofy. They’re professional. They’re relatable. They’re kind. They’re the kind of role models in Hollywood we don’t see much of anymore.

So yes, without a doubt, I’d lunch with them if I had the chance to of all celebs or public figures. Just don’t make me choose which twin.

Girl Between the Lines Link up
P.S. I’m featured on Amberly’s blog today! Go over and check it out! Also I’d love it if you’d hop over to Charlene’s blog and see my guest post on being a compassionate spouse!

My Favorite Pins EVER!

Linking up with The Albrechts and A Beautiful Exchange today for The Girl Between the Lines!

A post about my all-time favorite pins EVER has been on my list for awhile, so considering the topic of this linkup, it seemed perfect to finally pick my fave pins. Without further ado, here are the pins that have been the most successful, most delicious, most helpful or most inspiring to me.

1. Through a Rapist’s Eyes: Tips for Women. One of my biggest fears is getting murdered/attacked/raped/something else awful, so articles like these make me feel better about my chances of possibly surviving something like that. Call me paranoid, but I call it prepared.

through a rapist's eyes tips for women

2. Spa in a Jar. I made my own slightly altered version for some friends and family for Christmas, and they loved it. I made my own bath salts too, which made it more special. I’m totally doing more things like this in the future.

spa in a jar project great for gifts

3. Upcycling old candles. We have tons of old candles laying around that I didn’t have the heart to throw away, so this was a perfect project for me. I used the old wax from several to make one new candle! You can even read about the result of my doing this pin one weekend!

upcycle old candles

4. Leo and Harry with a dog and a cat. No real reason for this one besides great for looking at when you need to smile.

leo and harry with a cat and dog

5. I simply cannot pick just one recipe pin. So here’s a few of the recipes I’ve actually made from Pinterest and loved so much that they now are in frequent rotation in our household’s meal plan.

Baked Spinach Eggs. Love this for breakfast on the weekends.

baked spinach eggs

Cheesy Chicken Tacquitos. So easy and delicious! Make extra and freeze for leftovers too!

cheesy chicken tacquitos

Potato Corn Chowder. Best soup I’ve ever made at home. Yum!

potato corn chowder

Chicken with Pesto and Asparagus. Shameless self promo, this is my own take on a pin that I loved so much I made my own pin and blog post about it.

pesto chicken asparagus

P.S. I wouldn’t be upset if you followed me on Pin Land:)

P.P.S. YOU GUYS. I made it into the top 3 in my category for best new blog in My So Called Chaos’ Best of Blog Awards! This is HUGE for me and I am so friggin’ stoked. Please go vote for me and let’s see if I can win this thing. I will love you forever! Every vote counts so I need you! Vote here.

P.P.P.S. I wrote my first-ever guest post on how to be a compassionate spouse for Charlene at From Bisons to Buckeyes and Beyond. Watch her blog on Saturday as I’ll be there! Whee!

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Carabox Reveal

I participated in my very first Carabox recently, a super cool and fun thing that Wifessionals hosts. Basically, it’s a special gift swap where bloggers and some non-bloggers sign up to be paired up with a few other ladies based on location. Over the course of a few months, we get to know our partners, make new friends, share words of encouragement, and in the end, exchange presents to uplift our new friends!

I got to know two special ladies in this process. I sent a box to Kathryn, who blogs at The Grace Filled Home. (Check out what I sent her here.) And the box I got was from Maria, who doesn’t currently blog, but is on Instagram. Both of these ladies have the cutest kids. Seriously. Aside from getting to know both of them, I loved seeing pictures of their adorable little ones. What amazing ladies.

Maria got me an AMAZING box of stuff. In fact, the day that I picked it up at the Post Office, I was so excited that I ripped into it right from my car in the parking lot. And then I started tearing up because 1) everything makes me cry nowadays, and 2) I so so so loved everything she got me and it was so touching to have received such incredible stuff. It was totally a perfect box.



My favorite thing was the canvas art that said “Will work for cupcakes.” I already have a “Keep calm and eat cupcakes” sign on my desk at work, so I knew this would be the perfect addition to my cube. And I love cupcakes.

I also got some cute little dip bowls, and seriously I love dip. So much. In fact, there have far too many nights than I’d like to admit where my whole dinner has been chips and dip. I crave it all. the. time. Now my dips will be much cuter in these bowls than the ones I stole accidentally took home from various restaurants.

There were also some kitty toys. This made me so happy because I love my kitties, and I love that Maria thought of them! It was so nice of her to give them gifts too. Right away, they both started playing with their new jingly toys. So cute. They love them.

lg with toy-cropped

And then I got a new scarf! Which was perfect timing, because I was seriously just thinking about how I wanted a new fashion scarf. I only had two and really wanted one more to round out some of my outfits. I’ve worn it twice already!

And a new to-do list! Seriously, there are never enough lists, and I go through pads of paper so quick. I love the magnetic ones too to put on my fridge, so I totally am into this.

And some chocolate, which I promptly devoured right after taking these photos:) And some tea, which was really quite yummy! I had to try one cup right away. That Tazo brand is really good!

I can’t say how much I enjoyed this experience. I loved getting to know both of these amazing women, and I feel like I have some new friends. It’s great that this Carabox was arranged as a way to help connect women with to encourage and support each other. It’s something we all can use more of. If you want to participate in the next Carabox, I absolutely would recommend it. I can’t wait for the next sign up.

10 Favorite Things About My Husband

Linking up with the lovely Brianna today for 10 Favorite Things! In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up soon, and our 9-year dating anniversary in about a week (I know the dating anniversary doesn’t matter anymore, but I want to keep celebrating it till we hit 10 years), it was a perfect topic.

10 Favorite Things About That Special Someone

1. I love my husband’s sense of humor. It’s cliche, but so true for us. He is the funniest person I know and we laugh together a lot.

2. I love that we have lots of things in common, but are very different in many ways. He rounds me out:)

3. I love that while 99% of the time he’s a big tough man, I get to see some occasional moments of weakness and deep down emotions.

4. I love that for the most part, he’s tidy. For some bizarre reason, he loves vaccuming and doing the dishes. And I’m forgetful and get distracted easily, so he often has to pick up after me.

5. I love that he very rarely complains about my shortcomings. I know I have a lot, but he never points them out, though I can be a nagging wife and point his out. Which is unfair, and I need to change that.

6. I love that every time I get groceries, he helps me carry them in without a single complaint. And he always takes the heavy bags so I can have the light ones.

7. I love that he makes voices and personalities for our pets and has conversations as them.

8. I love that he lets me deck out our apartment like a crazy cat lady. I have cat pictures, figurines and trinkets all over the place. I know if it was entirely up to him, none of that would be there, but he lets me create the surroundings that I like without complaint.

9. He is truly a really nice guy. He likes to put on a show when he’s in a crowd and tell jokes and be the center of attention, which can make him come off as loud or inconsiderate to some who don’t know him, but I’ve seen another, very caring and considerate side. When it comes to defending his friends or his family, he will do it to the death, and he cares about the people he loves so much.

10. He is going to make a great father one day. He grew up in a large family with lots of kids, so maybe that’s why it comes natural to him, but I am the total opposite. Knowing that he will be there to help me through parenthood makes me feel really good.

And now, just because, a bunch of photos of us!

Quite possibly our first photo together, circa 2005, in the college dorms

Quite possibly our first photo together, circa 2005, in the college dorms

Before we went to our first concert (and road trip!) together

Before we went to our first concert (and road trip!) together

At my best friend's wedding. Our first wedding together!

At my best friend’s wedding. Our first wedding together!

and then we got engaged!

and then we got engaged!

and then we got married!

and then we got married!

and then we honeymooned in New Orleans!

and then we honeymooned in New Orleans!

Let Me Tell You About Little Girl

This is part of the Pets Are People Too linkup with Jade and Oak and Karly Kim.

Jade and Oak

My cat Little Girl is pretty much the weirdest cat I’ve ever known. She’s a goof. She’s kind of dumb. She’s ditzy. She’s strange. She’s a hot mess. She’s incredibly annoying. But she’s lovable.

I can’t count how many times we joke about this cat. Almost every day. Compared to my other pets, she was really cheap. My other cat Captain was somewhere between $100 and $200 when I adopted him, and our dog Brick was the same. Little Girl was $30. She was cheaper than a tank of gas. I sometimes call her the “clearance kitty.” Don’t worry, her feelings don’t get hurt. Nothing fazes her. Seriously. It’s one of the things that makes me love her.

485872_691656797817_496097360_n[1]I think she has the motto that any attention is good attention. My husband and I tend to amuse ourselves via her. For instance, he likes to hold her up and sing in his Little Girl voice “My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard.” (Yes, each of our pets has their own voice and we talk like them ALL the time. Her voice is kind of like the Long Island Medium lady because we gave her a shrill Jersey accent, but with a lisp). He also holds her face in a way that makes her look like an alien and is hilarious. I like to make her dance. I hold up her arms and make her do the “Thriller” moves. She’s got it down. I put her in silly costumes, and she even has a party dress that I put on her when we have company over. Yes, we mess with her so much because it’s so easy. She doesn’t wiggle out of anything, doesn’t complain, and when we’re done, she acts like nothing happened and snuggles back down with us. It’s so bizarre.

She gets bursts of energy after she eats and literally runs around the whole house, often barfing because it was too much activity too soon after eating. But she never learns.

5888_536432807937_4235521_n[1]She usually has this drunk and/or confused look on her face. But she is SO CUTE when she’s napping. She has this happy, snuggly type smile that makes me happy. And she LOVES my husband. Her favorite spot to sleep is curled up on his chest, right up on his neck. It’s so cute.

But most of the time when she is awake, she is so annoying. We’re constantly yelling at her because she’s always into something. Years ago, we stored the pet food in the cabinet under the sink. Years ago. We’ve sinced moved it into the storage closet because she found a way to open the cabinet and would have a feast. But she still hasn’t figured that out because she still tries to get in the cabinet and look, so we constantly hear the banging of that door.

246464_673764025077_1720230580_n[1]Then at night, she’s rustling around everything in the bedroom. She hops from dresser to dresser, to the bed, to the laundry hamper, to her cat tower by the window and back and forth. On the dresser, she knocks off everything, so we hear the thud of my deodorant as it hits the floor. I had to relocate my jewlery, because when I had my necklaces on a tree/stand thingy, she would jingle them all night. Then, the closer morning comes, she sits right by our faces and meows. And meows. And meows. And paces, walking all over the bed … and our faces. And we can’t just close the door because then she howls on the other side of it and scratches up the carpet.

Just yesterday, my husband was loading the freezer up with the massive amounts of meat I bought on a super sale at the grocery store. Little Girl was sitting on top of the fridge watching (she intently watches everything we do when we’re cooking too from her perch up there). He closed the door for a moment, and she scooted up to the edge and had her front paws on the top of the freezer door. My husband then realized he forgot something and opened the door again, causing the cat to slip and do this super ungraceful but so funny recovery and scuttle to the back. She definitely did not get the gracefulness that many cats have. Again, she’s a hot mess.

We also usually get her the lion cut shave in the summer because her hair gets so clumpy. But she looks ridiculous without hair. I’ve only ever seen fat cats shaved, and they’re kind of adorable. But she just looks strange. She’s actually a really small cat, and most of her is hair, so when it comes off, there’s not much left. My husband says that she looks like an ’80s aerobic workout squirrel (because we keep her leg hair, so it looks like she’s wearing legwarmers, and without the hair she resembles a squirrel more than a cat). I think she looks like an awkward bobblehead the way her fluffy head looks against her hairless body. It’s kind of pathetic, but also endearing.





Even when she’s not shaved, that’s kind of how she always is. Incredibly annoying about half the time, but the rest when she’s being a goof, letting us make her dance and snuggling, I adore her. She makes our lives interesting, that’s for sure.

2013-09-12_09.10.15 2013123095213516

Ten favorite things about the holidays

Welcome to December, eh?! Here in Fargo, we have a storm on the way. The HIGH in a couple days is 8 below. Sigh. The less than ideal weather here aside, the holidays are pretty awesome. So, here’s my 10 favie things about the holidays. Part of Brianna from Endlessly Beloved‘s linkup!

Endlessly BeLoved

1-The food. Always. Specifically, my pumpkin cheesecake recipe, courtesy of Miss. Paula Deen.

2-The lights. Come on, Christmas lights just make you so happy.

3-Decorations. I love making my home look festive, from stockings on the wall till we have a proper mantel, and cute little figurines. One of these days I hope to get a nice Nativity set to display. For now, my cute little glittery snowman from Pier 1 will do.

4-Spending more time with family and friends!

5-Presents. I actually love the list making process every year, writing down everyone I need and want to buy gifts for, and what I plan to get them, then, going out and finding something for everyone. It makes me feel so fulfilled.

6-Receiving some prezzies too. Unwrapping a mystery is so fun!

7-Costumes for the pets. Captain has a reindeer antler hat, and Little Girl has a Santa beard. Better bring those out soon and take some pics, eh?

8-Holidays parties and treat sharing at work!

9-Doing all of the above things now as a wife! Wheee!

10-Sharing all my holiday related experiences on my new bloggy!