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notes from a newlywed blog

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About Me

I’m Amanda, and I was born and raised in Indiana but am now a Fargoan embracing life as a newlywed! I was married in Fargo, N.D., in June 2013. I love cats, cupcakes, reality TV, grammar, the color teal, so-bad-they’re-good movies (a la Sharknado), Alice in Wonderland, Danny Trejo, Target, ranch dressing, cheese, making lists and being married. Aww.

My husband is pretty much the coolest person I know. He’s incredibly funny and caring (oops, sorry, I spilled the beans!), and plays in a metal band. In fact, hard rock music was one the things that brought us together! Long story short, we met in college and were set up by mutual friends. Eight years later, we sealed the deal:) Read about our wedding here.

About the Blog

Notes from a Newlywed is where I share my views, thoughts, emotions and observations as a new wife. From wedding planning tips to changing my name, having in-laws and trying to be a better wife, and even a few recipes and randoms thrown in there, it’s all about what I’m learning along the way.

To read more about why I started this blog in the first place, read my first post here. Since then, some of my most popular posts have been:

Wedding Day Confessions and Regrets
Conquering the Clutter: Our Apartment Overhaul
The Truth About Marriage Is
Refrigerator Oatmeal: A Recipe!
The Value of Friends

Contact Me + Work with Me

I LOVE hearing from readers, so if you have a question, comment, concern or random thought, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Email me at silver_star_54@hotmail.com, Tweet me at @AmandaHuggett, Facebook me at Notes from a Newlywed, Instagram me at @AmandaHofland, heck even send me a smoke signal if you want!

If you’d like to advertise here, I’d love to have you! I’m not accepting paid ads at this time, but do offer button swaps, accept guest posts, participte in giveaways, host linkups, and am available for a chat if you any questions, want some help or need anything else at all! Check out my Advertise page for more info on that.

If you’re a business, company or individual looking for some exposure, product reviews, a giveaway or some other kind of partnership, please contact me too and let’s see what we can work out.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you stay awhile!

notes from a newlywed blog


2 thoughts on “About

    • I live my life by lists. Every Friday I make a list of things I need to do over the weekend, even stuff like do my nails, dishes, etc. I just love the feeling of accomplishment crossing things off! I’ve even been known to make a list of lists I need to make.

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