Liquid Ice (Plus an Appearance from the Hubs!)

You guys, I’ve been exhausted lately. The last half week of work was really tough for me to stay focused and alert. I stayed up far too late putzing around the house and getting sucked into TV or Pinterest. Bad me. Gone are the days in high school when I could easily stay up till 3 a.m. watching hours of Blind Date with Roger Lodge (anyone else remember that show?) and still get up at 7 for school with no problem. Now, I can’t stay up past 11 or I’m a zombie come the next day.

Now, I haven’t gone a single day without my morning coffee since college. Around sophomore year of college I developed my dependency on coffee to get me through all-nighters studying, then to keep me awake in class, then so I could go to work after classes, and the habit just stuck. If I haven’t had my morning coffee yet, don’t even talk to me. It’s kind of like this:

cranky cat

Anyway (and down the rabbit hole I went)! This week I relied on coffee as always to get me through the day, and for the first time since I can remember, I felt failed by coffee. It just didn’t do the trick. I drank two mugfuls and I still was super sleepy and couldn’t stop yawning. By Friday, I knew I’d have a big problem. I was fortunate enough to have some Liquid Ice in my fridge to grab this morning when I knew I’d need the extra boost.

Now, I typically don’t drink energy drinks. I save them for dire circumstances. In fact the only other time I can recall going out of my way to get an energy drink was in jr. high when I went to a church retreat and my best friend and I pounded Amps when we would sneak out of the cabins at night and run around. Well, and there’s always those jag bombs, but we don’t need to talk about that:) The few other times I’d sip someone else’s energy drink, I thought they tasted gross. Kind of like that weird aftertaste that protein bars have. Blech.

My husband, on the other hand, considers himself an energy drink connoisseur. Seriously, he told me that. So we both decided to try a Liquid Ice in place of our usual drinks (mine coffee; his a different energy drink). Here’s our thoughts:

I am pleased to report that I’m a fan. OK, for one, it actually tastes good. Like, really good. No gross aftertaste, and it’s sweet and kind of tropically/fruity. Two, it did the trick. It kept me awake, without making me want to bounce off the walls, a la my Amp experience. Three, it actually has cool ingredients like CoQ10!

I also like that this company is prominent in the Midwest. At my former job for an area nightclub/bar/concert facility, we frequently discussed Liquid Ice, there’s promotions for them all over town, and they’re just a fun, relatable company. The product is made in the good ol’ U.S. of A, too. Oh, and the can is blue. Even more points.

liquid ice energy drink

I asked my husband to write a short synopsis of what he thought, and he turned around with a full review. So, I present to you, for the first time, straight from his mouth…writing from the hubs!:

“Coming from someone who averaged two energy drinks a day with a couple cups of coffee Mon – Fri for five years, I know what a good energy drink is. I’ve had everything from Amp, Monster, NOS and Rockstar, all which are good on the flavor side. But it’s more than just getting the flavor; there needs to be a boost.

I always went back and forth from Amp and Rockstar (16oz) but I never really fell in love with any of these. The flavor was good, but I always needed to get another to keep the energy level up. We got the Liquid Ice pack at home and I saw the little can (8.3oz) and I thought this would not work. Without reading the back for ingredients, I just went for it. I was at work for about two hours before I opened it up, I took a huge swig and quickly realized that there is a lot packed into this little can. I had half of it gone in the first half hour. Being that it was something new, I didn’t want to pound it all in three minutes and end up running around the office for a few hours.

I finished the can in an hour and I was already feeling the rush. It was a good kind of rush, no shakes or jitters. I was ready to run laps around the office, but I remained focused and hammered out a lot of work.


Look/Feel – small can, doesn’t make you look like a caffeine whore

Can – 8.3 oz can makes it easy to pound it in a few drinks, not recommended.

Energy – 30 minutes after finishing half of the can, I already felt the energy boost

Energy Length – I had the can finished at 11 A.M. and the energy boost lasted until 4 P.M. I did have a slight crash, but nothing major.

Caffeine Amount – Same amount of caffeine per 8 ounces as a Rockstar Recovery (Orange) Energy Drink, so you’re not drinking as much.

Secondary Caffeine – I only had the Liquid Ice and I drank a lot of water so I did not need a secondary source of caffeine.


Taste – Flavor is a 6.5/10, nothing to brag about just your typical energy drink. Similar to AMP Energy Boost (Original).”

Pretty good for his first time on this blog, eh?! Although I disagree on his taste rating. I give it a 9.5 out of 10! It’s a for sure winner in my book.

Have you ever tried Liquid Ice before? What’s your fave beverage when you need a boost?

I received Liquid Ice items for free in exchange for this review; however, all opinions are 100% my own.

2 thoughts on “Liquid Ice (Plus an Appearance from the Hubs!)

  1. I have never tried an energy drink. The hubby use to drink them when he was coming off night shift to his days off so he could be awake with us.I will be to try these. I am trying to limit my caffeine since I take meds for my ADHD but they are not working so well.

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