J’Adore Voxbox Reveal + Other Freebies

You know some days when you get the mail and it’s just full of crap – bills, credit card offers, fliers about the apocalypse, etc. The other day though, when I got my mail, it was full of awesomeness. I got my Voxbox, Birchbox and my freebie coffee sleeve all in the same day! Win!

Let’s start with Birchbox because Little Girl made an appearance in the photo.

february birchbox

My February Birchbox featured two teas, a nail polish top coat, eye cream and shampoo and conditioner. I really am not a fan of tea at all, but I tried one of the two varieties for the sake of reviewing them (the other went to my tea-loving friend). I tried the vanilla and grapefruit, and it actually wasn’t bad! For a tea anyway, it’s the best I probably have ever tried. The SOS eye cream was … OK. I’m not sure it really did much or is any better than my regular face cream I use already. Meh. I keep forgetting to try the nail polish so can’t review that. My favorite is definitely the shampoo and conditioner. It’s a really nice size sample, and it smells AMAZING. Plus, it has no parabens, so I feel better about using it. I like how it made my hair feel and smell and I would totally use it again.

This next item I got for free in a blog giveaway from Kari at Life by Kari.

dress up your cup coffee sleeve

Kari has her own Etsy shop, Dress Up Your Cup, where she makes her own coffee sleeves, often with cute designs, embellishments or charms. I ordered four total with my winnings – three as gifts (so I can’t show you them so they can remain a surprise to the recipients!) and one for me. I think it’s super cute and I love it. She was even kind enough to include a nice little note, business cards and coupons for future orders.

On to Voxbox! So for those that don’t know, a Voxbox is a box of free goodies from Influenster for testing and review purposes. You earn boxes by signing up at Influenster and taking quizzes, reviewing products and earning badges. I had only been a member for about a month before I earned my first box, so I’m proof that it’s easy and awesome. I had seen some other bloggers do this before but never really believed them when they talked about how easy it is. They weren’t lying! It really was easy! I definitely recommend all of you sign up because it takes very little time to start earning free stuff. I can send you an invite if you let me know! So, on to my first box: The J’Adore VoxBox.

jadore voxbox influenster

I knew from checking the shipping confirmation that I’d be receiving some Hershey’s Kisses, but I figured it’d be a few in a small bag. Nope, I got a big ol’ bag! I was so surprised, and my husband was stoked to have a bunch of free chocolate. I let him have about a quarter of the bag, then I brought the rest in to work to share because I’m just not a big fan of chocolate in the first place. No offense, chocolate.

voxbox kisses

Next, a clay mask mask. I had high hopes for this guy, but was a little disappointed. First of all, when I opened it, I was taken aback by how liquidy and runny it was. Maybe shipping in the extreme cold ruined it, but if all are like this, that’s really too bad. A clay mask should NOT be super runny. Anyway, after accidentally spilling half of it into my sink because it just poured out as I tried to squeeze some in my hands, I applied it to half my face to give it a real test. It did go on fairly nicely and hardened up as it should. After I rinsed it off, my face did feel pretty nice, though awfully tight (more so than I think it should have been), but I could tell a difference in my skin being softer on the side that got the mask. So, at least it worked! Can’t say it lasted though, but with regular use maybe.

voxbox mask

We’ve all probably seen or used Frizz Ease before, but I never had because my hair is pretty straight to begin with. I used it anyway hoping it’d help with flyaways and provide some heat protection, and I think it did a little bit, but not with enough difference to make me buy more of it.

voxbox frizz ease

I also got some more teas, and I honestly didn’t try any because none sounded good and I really don’t like tea anyway so it in no way appealed to me. Sorry, tea. It was donated again to aforementioned tea-loving friend.

voxbox tea

Last, some false eyelashes. I haven’t used these yet, because I only wear falsies on special occasions, so I’ll give them a whirl at some upcoming wedding events this summer. They do feel nice though, so hopefully they look good too.

voxbox lashes

This is not a sponsored post, but I did I receive all the Voxbox products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

18 thoughts on “J’Adore Voxbox Reveal + Other Freebies

  1. Ok, so fun! I used to receive three different subscription boxes before I had to save money for a wedding. 🙂 Now that that’s over, I’m working on getting back on the mail lists.

    I would love for you to send me an invite for Influenster!

    Lisa @ newlycastnerd.blogspot.com

    • I just sent you an invite – hopefully you got it. I thankfully got my first Birchbox as a gift, so everything is free to me, but I was still able to earn enough points by reviewing to earn some free products in the store. I’m not sure I’d pay for it myself, but I love it now that it’s free! I did just sign up for another kind of box – a Graze that sends healthy snacks. Super excited to try that!

  2. I got the vox box too and I also thought the clay mask was super runny. I think my skin did look better after using it but you’re right it didn’t last long. I don’t ever wear fake lashes so I’ll donate those to a friend.

    I’m half way through that huge bag of kisses though so yayyy!

    • I know, isn’t it! Influenster was confusing to me at first too and I kind of stumbled around it. If you can do the same, I think you’ll get it eventually. Just add some reviews to everyday products you use, then add some badges to your profile and do some of the tasks to earn more points on them and you should be on your way to earning the next box. Shout if you want me to walk you through some of it!

  3. So glad you got your sleeve! Thanks so much for the shout out! At what point did you get your first VoxBox? I’ve been on for about a month and have a total of 70, but haven’t qualified yet. I’m so missing out on some great stuff!!

    • Totally! I joined in mid-January and got my first box around mid-February. My score is 80-something. All I did to get there was some of the tasks to earn lifestyle and expert badges and reviewed maybe 10 or so products. I log on maybe once a week or every other week to review a few more so that my profile stays active so I can try to qualify for every box.

  4. I was so disappointed in my birch box last month! But I just got my March box and it was definitely much better. I also subscribe to ipsy and Popsugar. Haven’t tried influenster though. I’ve been thinking about canceling Birchbox. Would you recommend influenster instead?

    • I would. It’s a different concept where instead of buying boxes, you do small tasks to earn them, but once you do enough, the boxes are totally free. And I like free, even it does mean putting in a little bit of time.

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