Bigs & Littles Reveal

I participated in my very first Bigs & Littles recently. For those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s an experience where you get paired up (one “big”/successful blogger with one smaller/newer blogger) to share tips and advice, encouragement and friendship. I was obviously a Little, and my Big was Cortney from The Little Things & Vodka.

The Little Things and Vodka

I’m super glad I signed up for this experience. Just like a real little sister, right away, I started pestering her right away with questions. “Hello, nice to meet you! Let me ask you a million things!” She took in stride and answered everything I asked just like a good big blog sister.

She gave me advice on some blog issues/struggles/concerns I was having, and it really helped me decide how to approach some situations. We also swapped buttons (there she is on my sidebar! go visit her!), and we had good conversation getting to know eachother too. She took a blog hiatus for awhile, so was just getting back in the swing of things when this exchange started, and I think it was super cool to be there for that. She’s also getting interested in doing blog design so I hope to give her some more practice for me soon since I can’t design to save my life.

I think the Bigs & Littles is such a wonderful experience. It’s enriching, encouraging and fun. I absolutely recommend it, especially for newbies, but really for anyone. Who doesn’t need a little encouragement and a new friend?!

While, sadly, the host of Bigs & Littles is taking a break from it for now, hopefully it will be back soon, and it sounds like it will be. So watch for future sign ups if you’d like to be involved!

7 thoughts on “Bigs & Littles Reveal

  1. So happy that you enjoyed this round of B&L! Don’t worry as soon as the air clears in my situation I will be having signup start! I just had too much on my plate this month to take this on. Hope that you sign up again! Additionally, in the mean time if you need blogging tips/advice just ask:)

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