The Celebrity I Most Want to Have Lunch With Is …

Linking up with The Albrechts and A Beautiful Exchange today for The Girl Between the Lines!

The question is: If you could have lunch with any blogger, celebrity, or public figure, who would you choose? Why?

My answer is: The Mowry sisters!

If you know me well, you know I’m a little obsessed with these girls. Sister Sister was great in itself, but these girls just keep getting better and I stalk admire them SO much. I absolutely loved their reality show Tia & Tamera, and when I watch it, I feel like I’m hanging out with my girlfriends. They make me laugh and cry and smile. They make me so happy.

I relate more to Tamera personally, but I adore them both. I watch every darn TV show and made-for-TV movie I can catch them on and always love every minute of it.

My love for these girls goes beyond a creepy celeb obsession or girl crush though. I TRULY admire them as women. They have so many qualities I think are so important. They’re great moms (as I mentioned in my post here). They’re stylish. They’re classy. They’re funny. They’re goofy. They’re professional. They’re relatable. They’re kind. They’re the kind of role models in Hollywood we don’t see much of anymore.

So yes, without a doubt, I’d lunch with them if I had the chance to of all celebs or public figures. Just don’t make me choose which twin.

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P.S. I’m featured on Amberly’s blog today! Go over and check it out! Also I’d love it if you’d hop over to Charlene’s blog and see my guest post on being a compassionate spouse!

15 thoughts on “The Celebrity I Most Want to Have Lunch With Is …

    • Well aside from their reality show (which just ended, sadly, though it was their choice and not cancelled), Tia was just in a movie called the Mistle Tones, which I loved! Tia is also on a Nick at Nite show called Instant Mom, and I love it!! Tamera is on a talk show now, though it doesn’t air where I am, which is sad. She was also in a Christmas movie, but had a smaller role.

  1. I’ve definitely been seeing them a lot more on different shows. I remember Sister, Sister but it seems like they kinda dropped off the map till recently. They are both really fun personalities, though.

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