10 Favorite Things About My Husband

Linking up with the lovely Brianna today for 10 Favorite Things! In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up soon, and our 9-year dating anniversary in about a week (I know the dating anniversary doesn’t matter anymore, but I want to keep celebrating it till we hit 10 years), it was a perfect topic.

10 Favorite Things About That Special Someone

1. I love my husband’s sense of humor. It’s cliche, but so true for us. He is the funniest person I know and we laugh together a lot.

2. I love that we have lots of things in common, but are very different in many ways. He rounds me out:)

3. I love that while 99% of the time he’s a big tough man, I get to see some occasional moments of weakness and deep down emotions.

4. I love that for the most part, he’s tidy. For some bizarre reason, he loves vaccuming and doing the dishes. And I’m forgetful and get distracted easily, so he often has to pick up after me.

5. I love that he very rarely complains about my shortcomings. I know I have a lot, but he never points them out, though I can be a nagging wife and point his out. Which is unfair, and I need to change that.

6. I love that every time I get groceries, he helps me carry them in without a single complaint. And he always takes the heavy bags so I can have the light ones.

7. I love that he makes voices and personalities for our pets and has conversations as them.

8. I love that he lets me deck out our apartment like a crazy cat lady. I have cat pictures, figurines and trinkets all over the place. I know if it was entirely up to him, none of that would be there, but he lets me create the surroundings that I like without complaint.

9. He is truly a really nice guy. He likes to put on a show when he’s in a crowd and tell jokes and be the center of attention, which can make him come off as loud or inconsiderate to some who don’t know him, but I’ve seen another, very caring and considerate side. When it comes to defending his friends or his family, he will do it to the death, and he cares about the people he loves so much.

10. He is going to make a great father one day. He grew up in a large family with lots of kids, so maybe that’s why it comes natural to him, but I am the total opposite. Knowing that he will be there to help me through parenthood makes me feel really good.

And now, just because, a bunch of photos of us!

Quite possibly our first photo together, circa 2005, in the college dorms

Quite possibly our first photo together, circa 2005, in the college dorms

Before we went to our first concert (and road trip!) together

Before we went to our first concert (and road trip!) together

At my best friend's wedding. Our first wedding together!

At my best friend’s wedding. Our first wedding together!

and then we got engaged!

and then we got engaged!

and then we got married!

and then we got married!

and then we honeymooned in New Orleans!

and then we honeymooned in New Orleans!


22 thoughts on “10 Favorite Things About My Husband

  1. Your husband sounds like my fiance! He is so helpful around the house, and he doesn’t mind my crazy cat lady ways! He also has a big family, and I am the complete opposite, but I am looking forward to having kids one day!

  2. This is so great! My fiancé and I also started dating in February! Though, we had known each other a decade beforehand! Your husband is a lucky man because you just acknowledged what you love about him in a public forum. Awesome!

  3. Oh gosh, I can relate to number 5 so much. I cringe every time I catch myself doing it and instantly feel guilty because my guy goes out of his way to make me feel less like a brat and more like I’m some kind of super-special angel or something. I try to return the sentiment but sometimes my frustration gets the best of me.
    This is so adorable. I wish you guys all the best

    • Sometimes it’s really hard to even realize how big of a nag we women just naturally can be. But acknowledging it is important, and apologizing when you realize you’re doing it. I’m trying to accept my husband just the way he is and let him do things at his own pace rather than breathing down his neck, which is easier said than done. It’s part of it though! Thanks!

  4. Aww, you guys are so cute. I think Cal’s jokes are really funny. I love how he makes fun of Brick and Little Girl. Haha!

    Josh never criticizes my weaknesses or annoying habits either, yet I am not hesitant to point out his flaws. Something I need to work on as well.

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