Project Pinterest Clean Up

Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse. It gives you so much inspiration and great ideas, but it can also set you up for unrealistic expectations and make you feel like a giant failure. To me, Pinterest is more helpful than not, but it can also be overwhelming. I’ve found some amazing recipes on it and easy and useful DIY projects, plus some super cute animal photos.

pinterest screenshotBut my boards were all amess. I just pinned whatever I wanted without much thought. My boards weren’t very well thought out, and some were far too full of useless pins in bizarre categories. I don’t even know how many total pins I had in my recipes board, but it seemed like I had to scroll for days just to reach the end. And when I wanted to make “that one recipe,” it was so hard to find.

Enter New Year Resolution: project Pinterest. I tackled this resolution first because it seemed easy and achievable. First, I renamed existing boards and added more boards. The prior “Food & Drink” board was split into two – Recipes to try, and Recipes tested and approved. I moved all the recipes that I had made AND enjoyed (yes, some were total fails) into the tested and approved board. Now I can much easier find that ones I have already made that I know I will want to make again. All the recipes I made that were fails, I just deleted so they stop taking up space. I also deleted several recipe pins that I know I will never actually make.

I also had a “Style” board that had pins of clothing I liked, makeup and hair pictures/tutorials, and beauty tips like making DIY bronzer. Then I had a “For the home” board that had cleaning tips, DIY crafty projects, cleaning tips, organization inspiration, and random products that I want to buy like a giant cat beanbag, and tips on how to leave a more frugal life. What a hodgepodge, and several pins overlapped categories. So I made more subcategory boards where everything made more sense and would be easier to find for later.

A few boards remained relatively untouched, like my cute cats board, though I did go in and delete just a few photos that were only mildly cute. I don’t actually look at that board often, aside from when I need a dose of something to perk me up. My criteria for what made the cut here was if I had a genuine smile, chortle or ‘aww’ after looking at it again.

I also rearranged all the boards order so my most frequently pinned and used boards were first.

I found that cleaning up your Pinterest is a lot like cleaning up your closet. It can be hard, and you want to hoard some, but deep down you know that “just in case” actually means “I’m never going to use this,” so you have to go with your gut and sometimes have a heavy hand. But the end result is so worth it.

Pins are easier to find and my boards make much more sense. It feels good to clean up, even virtually. Next up: my physical closets. Oh boy.

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