Things I Love About My Husband’s Family

I love that the annual Hofland family gathering takes place at Pizza Ranch. I love the Ranch.

I love that his aunts fight about which is the favorite.

I love that his cousins are amazing women that I really like! On both his mom’s side AND his dad’s side.

I love that his dad is an amazing cook. Seriously, he makes the BEST fried chicken and biscuits and gravy you’ll ever eat.

I love that his dad one time sucked the mustard he spilled out of his shirt with no shame.

I love that his uncle got to be the pastor at our wedding, and in the process, got to know me AND Cal better.

I love that I got to meet his grandfather at his 100th birthday party and he was the cutest, smiliest old man who couldn’t hear a thing. Also, Cal says I cough just like Grandpa Mel.

I love that his mom is a master baker and also makes the best tater tot hot dish I’ve ever had (which hasn’t been much actually; it’s such a Minnesota thing).

I love that his sister treats me like her sister. Also that she owns the cutest and silliest pittie ever. Second only to my own.

I love that his nephew is the cutest kid ever and is obsessed with Star Wars.

I love that his sister-in-law and nieces love to read.

I love how obsessed they are with the Vikings. I didn’t come from a sports-loving family, so this is new to me. In the family Christmas photo one year, they all wore their Vikings jerseys and forced me to wear one too.

I love that they all accepted me.


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