My Weekend

Well, I had the best intentions of writing this on Monday … but then TV happened. I get sucked in every time.

Anyway, what a great weekend I had! I love those weekends when you feel super accomplished and actually cross some things off your to-do list.

I made homemade bath salts for a few friends’ Christmas presents from a post I found on Pinterest. I had set aside about an hour of time to do it … and it only took 5 minutes tops! I was astounded how easy it was! Seriously, ridiculously easy. All I did was mix together Epsom salts, sea salt, peppermint essential oil and some red food coloring, then divided it into a few different jars and wrote my own labels. Of course it’s not nearly as cute as the pin itself, but I still feel super proud of it. I’m putting the salts into a “spa day” basket along with some fizzy bath bombs, lotions, lip and eye masks, lip balm, etc. This is the first year I had the desire to make my own DIY gifts, and now that I know how fun and easy it is, next year I’ll do even more!

I also did some major house cleaning. There was a nice layer of dust forming along the register and in the crack between the dresser and wall in the bedroom, and it was really grossing me out. We ended up pulling the bed all the furniture out and vaccuming along the entire wall and in between every crevice we could find, and dusting every ledge that was icky. I reorganized the top of my dresser where I keep my jewelry, deodorant, perfume, etc., and just those few touches made the bedroom feel so nice and new again.

Then there was the kitchen table. The table that daunts me every time I come in. I seriously stare at that table and just feel dread. It was piled high with pieces of mail, magazines, stamps, books, coupons, bills, phone books, gloves, keys, pamphlets, folders, to-do lists, and who knows what else. The dumping ground every time we come in the door. Pretty much ever since we got married 6 months ago, I’ve been meaning to clear it off and clean it up, and I just kept saying “next weekend.” Finally, I had it, and I had some motivation from cleaning the bedroom, so I said, “today’s the day!” It wasn’t even that bad once I started. Less than an hour later, the table was clear and oh so pretty again. I do want to go buy a cute mail sorter some day to prevent that from happening again. Now I look at that table and smile. Ahhh.

At my company's holiday party

At my company’s holiday party

Then Saturday night was the holiday party for my new work. Man, was this an affair! They rented a big venue (we had 500 employees plus their plus-ones to accommodate, after all), had an open bar, giant buffet line of awesome food, DJ and dancing, and giveaways every half an hour. They gave away stuff like iPads and KitchenAid mixers, and I even won a portable grill! Woohoo! This was far more than any other Christmas party I had ever been to. It. Was. So. Cool.

We took a coupley photo to remember the night, but I wish we had taken it right away when we were fresher instead of halfway through, but oh well.

Then, my best friends’ parents were visiting from Maine, so we met them for brunch, and it was so good. It was a buffet brunch, and everything was delicious. Even the coffee was so good. And they brought it out on a cute little platter with a mug, teeny stirring spoon and a little creamer pourer thingy. Made me feel fancy schmancy.

Then we went back home, putzed around the house some more, watched some TV and called it a night.

What’s the coolest Christmas party you’ve been to?


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