Candles, Christmas & Paul

I really want to keep on publishing thoughtful blog posts about married life, but in this job transition, and the holidays, I just feel far to busy to write something intelligent. So … here’s what I’ve been up to! Thoughtful posts to come again soon.

I found this super awesome project on Pinterest to upcycle old candles. You know after your old ones finish burning, there’s still a good amount of wax left there in the bottom and it seems like such a waste to just throw them away? (And we go through a lot of candles.) This project was perfect. So, I took some of my old candles and got ’em ready to turn ’em into a pretty new one.


It was so easy. All I needed was to buy some new wicks (found a small pack at Michaels) and one new clean jar. Place the wick in the new jar. Put one of the old candles in a pot of boiling water, and shortly the wax will melt again. Pour it into the new jar. When that layer has hardened, boil the next candle and pour on top. Repeat till the new jar is full or you’ve emptied all old candles. Voila!


I’m so excited for my new candle. Isn’t it so pretty, especially knowing it came from stuff that otherwise would have been thrown away?! Now I can keep doing this over and over and be less wasteful. I’m not much of a natural crafter, but this project seemed practical and easy, so I went for it. So glad I did!

On another note, I’ve never been much for celebrating Christmas till after Thanksgiving. It only seems fair. Plus, since I worked retail for years, I’ve heard far more Christmas music than I ever wanted to, starting all the way in October. Not even kidding. Penney’s played the same about 6 songs over and over. And over and over. And over. And for three months, several hours a day … Sucked all the joy right out of me. But, when the time is proper (aka, after Thanksgiving), I am all for getting festive. You won’t catch me listening to Christmas music if I have a choice, but I do love decorations and getting the lights out. And so the tree came out (granted a small one since we live in an apartment), lights were placed and lit, stockings hung on the wall, and my cute little Pier 1 snowman came out from the closet. I love that feeling.


We also got some Christmas shopping done, and I am proud to say we are about 75% finished. We even wrapped what we had so far just to keep the momentum going.

Cal gave me a list of some things he’d like to receive, and while he’ll get some of them, I still want to give a thoughtful, unexpected gift. This can be hard sometimes, especially now that we got so much stuff we needed from the wedding, and I used up a lot of my clever ideas in past birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I like to go for humorous things most of the time, like shirts with witty sayings or a coffee mug in the shape of a toilet. Buying for men can be tough though. Any of you readers have some good ideas? What are you getting for your guys?

Speaking of gifts, it brings me to the last point for today. This weekend was Cal’s birthday. My present was a t-shirt that said, “Big gulps, huh? Well, see you later!” It was a perfect gift because he always needs more shirts, and Dumb & Dumber is probably his favorite movie. The other one is Good Will Hunting, which we previously only dad on VHS, so I also got him the DVD of that. We’re trying to replace all our old VHS’ since our player doesn’t work. I do wonder though how long till those are near extinct too. Oh well, things will always keep changing.

Wow, ramble much? Anyway … Paul Walker died. And it is soo sad. I feel like I need to stop having celebrity crushes because they keep dying. Not even kidding, years ago, Heath Ledger was my No. 1 droolworthy celeb man crush. His hair, his accent, his mouth, his movies, gosh I loved him. Then he died. Paul Walker had been my No. 2 man crush right after Heath. After Heath died, it didn’t seem right to keep him in my No. 1 spot, so I moved Paul up. Then he just kept getting more and more good looking anyway, and oh my gosh, his eyes. I watch all the “Fast & Furious” movies for Paul and Tyrese. But now, Paul is gone too. And it is awful. I will admit, I don’t think he was the best actor. But that didn’t matter. He seemed like a truly great guy. Plus, he was oh so pretty. The details of his crash are so hard to read. It’s truly awful. I actually teared up hearing about it. Then I saw Tyrese at the crash site, and oh my gosh. How touching. I loved seeing that. It was heartwarming. In the midst of the sadness. Seeing young guys die far too soon is awful. They had so much life ahead of them and so much more to contribute to the world. And they both leave behind a daughter. I can’t imagine losing a parent so young. And their families! Ugh.

I just don’t know what more to say about that. And it’s really late, so it’s off to bed. Wow. Didn’t mean to have such an up and down post. Sorry guys. Again, I promise thoughtful posts are coming again soon.


5 thoughts on “Candles, Christmas & Paul

  1. What a good way to use up candles! I have a cupboard full of ones that are small but I feel bad throwing out, haha! I’m about 75% done with my shopping too… feels amazing, doesn’t it?!

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