October Reflections

Well, I’m many weeks late on this, but October was a really lovely month for me. Actually, 2013 has been a great year, but I’ll share more on that near the end of it:)

In October, it was my birthday, yay! I had friends over for board games and snacks. Low key and fun, just how I like it.

I went to two concerts (and for free – perks of my job!). At both, I was far more into one opener than the main act, but it’s still fun to see live shows no matter what. Miss May I and Black Veil Brides were the highlights for me. Love those bands, and they are so good in person! I had seen each before at Warped Tour, but this time they were in my town and had longer sets.

BVB rocking it. Pardon the poor photography.

BVB rocking it. Pardon the poor photography.

I went to my first-ever professional sports game. It was my wedding gift to my husband – two tickets to see his favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings, and his sister and brother and their spouses joined us. I’m not much for football, but enjoyed the whole experience anyway. We played the Carolina Panthers, and lost. Like, really badly. Truth be told, the biggest reason I selected that game to go to was because the other team’s mascot was a kitty. That was for real my logic.

Go Vikings!

Go Vikings!

Afterward, we had dinner in the funniest little restaurant called the Friendly Buffalo. Gotta love small-town, local joints. It was amazing food. I had a french dip with chips, and they even make their own french onion dip.

The Friendly Buffalo was a win after the Vikings loss.

The Friendly Buffalo was a win after the Vikings loss.

I had a book club meeting with my gal pals and we discussed what was probably my favorite book we’ve read so far, “Gone Girl.” Talk about a page turner! I couldn’t put that thing down!

I went to a meetup of content professionals in the area to discuss video strategies for businesses, and it was so incredibly interesting and helpful. I took so many notes.

I went to a friend’s Halloween/birthday party where the theme was celebrities and red carpet. Most everyone else went as cool young celebs like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and the birthday girl as Adelle, but my husband and I went as oldie but goodies Betty White (though I really think it turned out more Barbara Bush) and Mister Rogers. It was so fun.

Betty White and Mister Rogers - our Halloween costumes.

Betty White and Mister Rogers – our Halloween costumes.

I tried a brand-new restaurant in town that everyone’s buzzing about. It had a cool, hipster decor, and the food was really good. I had the cutest mini margarita, my friend and I shared fried chicken skins (sounds weird, but it was incredible), and had tacos. Mine were far too spicy for my tastebuds to handle, so the husband got to enjoy my leftovers.

Trendy tacos

Trendy tacos

We met with a financial advisor as the final step in our first-time homebuyer education program. It gets us one step closer to buying our first home, and we have some good ideas from him to tackle reducing our debt, raising credit scores, getting a loan and picking a home.

And now that Thanksgiving is near, I am so excited. It’s our first big holiday together as a married couple. I’ve already started planning the menu, and will be cooking for some of our friends. Plus our Christmas photo cards are in, and it’s taking every ounce of effort I have to not send them out now! Wheeee!!


11 thoughts on “October Reflections

  1. A month of fun adventures! Man, I wonder if I should do recaps like this. It certainly could help with actually remembering what happened during the month… 😛 I love your “old” celebrity costumes!

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