Happiness and Bridal Showers

One of the best feelings in the world is just being purely happy. Hopeful, excited, optimistic. For reasons that I’ll likely share soon, I’m just feeling really good about things right now. Good changes are happening, and I’m excited about them. Not that my life is perfect by any means, but overall I’m pretty darn lucky. It’s easy to lose sight of that sometimes, but then something happens in your life that just makes you feel so joyful again.

Aside from my wedding day itself, when I look back on the last year or so, the one day that stands out to me the most that I felt that same joy was on my wedding shower this last April. Now, I hafta say, I’m one lucky lady because I only wanted one, but I got THREE showers! I know, right? My childhood best friend’s mom wanted to throw me one in my hometown in Indiana, so I had the first over Thanksgiving weekend, and then my new sister-in-law offered to throw me one in my husband’s hometown in Minnesota for his side of the family. I felt honored that I even got to have three showers and had so many people in our lives showing us their support.

The shower that I had in April was in Fargo, where we live now, and where the majority of my friends are. I was astounded at how many people even came to it! At one point, I remember looking around the room and just feeling overwhelmed in a good way. It hit me that I have made some amazing friends at different points in my life, and I am incredibly grateful that so many of them came out to celebrate with me. I felt so loved and so special that this many women cared enough to take time of out their days to be with ME! Wow!

I have to give a shout out to my maid of honor, Meredith, for organizing the whole thing–seriously it was one of the best experiences in the entire engagement. And to Jenessa for making the best cupcakes–she’s so darn crafty and even made little toothpicks with our faces on them!

I’ve become quite the sap in the past year, and everything makes me cry now. I tried to hide it at the time, but I’ll admit, when one of my floormates from college showed up, I almost lost it. I hadn’t seen her in literally years, despite our many attempts at getting together, and to see her again made me so happy. Plus, I found out that she was pregnant! And now she had her baby, and little Griffin is so adorable. (Congrats, Nikki!). It was like the cherry on top of already amazing day full of food, fun and friends. Some of those ladies I’ve known longer than my husband even, and some I’ve only known a short period of time, but seeing all of them together was an amazing experience. I am blessed to have great friends.

And of course, I’m super excited to see what new friends I make in the future, and I look forward to continuing to spend time with these existing lovely friends.

The whole group of my awesome friends

The whole group of my awesome friends

My mom and I with my long-lost college friend!

My mom and I with my long-lost college friend!

Jenessa's amazing cupcakes

Jenessa’s amazing cupcakes

My new sis decorating

My new sis decorating


6 thoughts on “Happiness and Bridal Showers

  1. What a nice blog! The photos I took at the shower didn’t turn out very good but the ones you have of the whole group and the one of you and me turned out great. Send them to me? The photos sure bring back memories.
    Love, Mom

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