Writing and New Passions

Well, here’s the first ramble from me, but it’s what was on my mind. I just have to say how incredibly much I am enjoying this blog thing. Confession: I used to dislike writing, despite my degree in journalism. I had always considered myself more of an editor than a writer. I was that person in high school who corrected my classmates’ incorrect grammar (“No, you mean you SAW that at the store, not seen.”). I kept a diary in jr. high and part of high school, but I was awful at it. I rarely wrote in it, and when I did, it was just about the boys that I had crushes on.

I always loved English, which I credit to my dad’s side of the family. My dad loves literature and reading, and my grandma on his side encouraged my spelling abilities by giving me quizzes, and she was so proud when I placed second in my third grade spelling bee (I’ll never forget the word that took me down!).

Later in high school, I considered going into broadcast and went between radio and TV. Neither worked, really. So I settled on a degree in English at college. Being forced to read about a book a week that you hate, then write paper after paper on, stifled that ambition. But I knew I wanted to be in journalism somehow. I applied for the student newspaper, but was denied due to lack of experience. ‘Umm, it’s college, no one here has experience!’ I was so distraught about it that I transferred to a nearby college that gladly let me on as an editor at their paper, and I was so excited about it. I LOVED it. I got to be a copyeditor, and eventually a columnist.

See, I figured out the problem pretty quickly after my transfer. I only hated writing when I was forced to write something on a subject I didn’t care about. But give me free reign to write about what interests me, and I can’t stop. So, in my previous jobs at the local newspaper and a trade magazine, I got through writing because it was my job, and some assignments I liked more than others, but I got through them.

And then just a few months ago, BOOM! Blogging came into my life. I started as a blog contributor for a local company that makes and sells custom dog products like collars and bowls, and it was fantastic. For the first time, I LOVED writing. I got to use my journalism skills, but apply it to writing on topics I cared about, and suddenly this passion for it came flowing out of me.

Hence my decision to start this blog. I had so many thoughts and emotions and lessons I took away from my recent experiences planning my wedding and being a newlywed, that I couldn’t contain them, and I had to get it out there! A diary wouldn’t do; I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. That wouldn’t be safe though, and I can be clumsy, so this blog is my answer.

After that long ramble, the point is that I feel so fulfilled and so happy just to be sharing what’s on my mind with the world. I want to make connections, and I want people to take away something from this, but also, I just really want to share, and sure, sometimes ramble. Between my doggy blogging and this personal blog, I am incredibly happy, and I wanted everyone to know that!

So … what makes you happy? What passions have grown on you?

3 thoughts on “Writing and New Passions

  1. I feel your pain on “the word that took me down.” I was in a spelling bee, too! I don’t remember what place I was in… but I’ll never forget that “extraordinary” was my kryptonite. I forgot the a. *sadness* I think you write beautifully and I’m glad you ENJOY it now! 🙂

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